Your Mind-Twist Fat-Loss Switch

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Your Mind-Twist Fat-Loss Switch

Sometimes even a 30-minute workout doesn’t seem possible–not because you’re injured but because you just don’t feel up to it. “Wow, I have to push and pull for 30 minutes and work up a sweat? I’d rather watch ‘Mike and Molly.’”

The two overweight characters on that show might make you feel better about yourself—but by skipping your workout you’ve taken one step toward renewing your Chub Club membership. Yikes.

Now guilt is not the secret to consistent workouts (although it can help). But there is a mind trick that helps Becky and I override under-motivation.

Here’s the secret: When you don’t feel like doing your workout, take the pressure off: Tell yourself that you only have to do one simple exercise with the F4X method– five minutes.

You should make that exercise the one that works the largest muscles in your body, your legs and glutes. That would be squats.

One exercise—simple; five minutes and you’re done.

I can almost guarantee that once you finish an invigorating F4X sequence of squats, you’ll feel so good that you’ll want to do the rest of your workout.

If not, no big deal. You got some good muscular work, a metabolic momentum kick and a mood boost from your quick five-minute squat session.

And you will feel good from just that five-minute workout. According to John Baley, M.D., of the Harvard Medical School, just two minutes of exercise is enough to change your mood, as long as you raise your heart rate—and squats with short rests between sets will definitely do that.

So when you’re not “into” hitting the gym, make the one-exercise compromise—and you’ll be surprised. You’ll get a lift, a good mood and metabolic shift to keep your lean machine revved.

—Steve & Becky Holman, co-creators Old School New Body

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