2 Quick Anti-Aging Tips

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Know what causes wrinkles? Having teenage children. Yep, that contributes, but it’s actually the breakdown of collagen in the skin…

One of the building blocks of collagen is vitamin C. An interesting new study found another anti-aging key from C: release of the anti-aging agent growth hormone (which also improves skin)…

According to a 2012 study reported in Growth Hormone and IGF-1 Research, the one nutrient that showed the greatest relationship to GH release was vitamin C.

GH fortifies everything from your immune system to your hair, skin and muscles. Oh, it also helps burn body fat too. Take 250 milligrams of C mid-day and another 250 before bed…

Another study reported by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine stated this…

“Gradual muscle loss is a common consequence of aging and poses a significant risk factor for disability in older adults.” [Osteoporosis Int. Dec. ’12.]

They go on to say that resistance training, like F4X, which also boosts growth hormone, is an ESSENTIAL and effective way to prevent muscle loss–BUT adequate nutritional intake is also key…

Especially enough protein to support your muscle tissue. Interesting that protein is also a building block of skin collagen. In fact, collagen IS protein. Stronger muscles, fewer wrinkles. Now you’re talking.

According to the International Osteoporosis Foundation Nutrition Working Group, “protein intake plays an integral part in muscle health.” They propose about 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.

So if you weigh 150 pounds, you need at least 81 grams of protein a day–more if you’re working your muscles intensely a few times a week. [Note: An egg has six grams of protein; a glass of milk about 10 grams.]

Protein also controls appetite and boosts metabolism for more fat burning throughout the day. [We like BioTrust LowCarb whey-casein protein powder at least once a day. Check it out HERE.]

So to age more gracefully take vitamin C and get enough PROTEIN. Those are keys to your youthfulness and well being.

Train smart, be well, live long.

Steve & Becky Holman

Editor in Chief & Nutrition/Lifestyle contributor, Iron Man Magazine

Co-creators of Old School New Body


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